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Awards, Promotional Items & Gifts – Get Customizable Engravings

For all your engraving needs, we can customize trophies, plaques, medals and other awards for sports and academic achievements. Engraving can also take a good gift and make it great, personalizing it with names or special greetings. Engraving makes a great gift by personalizing it with names or special occasions. We can engrave everything from metal water bottles to watches and multi-tools.

AS Canada’s personalized occasion and Event Experts, we understand the need to make your gift as unique and special as the person receiving it. Sometimes expressing yourself may be difficult. Let our engraving specialists help you choose the perfect gift or verse, to make your gift a cherished treasure for years to come.

What is Engraving?

Engraving is the process by which materials such as metals, glass, plastics, and wood are etched with text and designs using a diamond cutting process. Diamond cutter engravers have two main parts — a spindle and a cutting tool. They work together to cut into the materials and engrave images or text. In diamond cutter engraving machines, the image or text to be engraved is entered into a computer software program that reads the data and transmits it to the machine to cut into the material. The flexible nature of the diamond cutter engraver allows us to personalize a large array of gifts.

Types of fonts and sizes

Our personalization experts have selected a range of fonts to personalize your purchase. These are the most popular fonts because of their elegant styling and ability to stand out and compliment your gift.

We Offer Hundreds of Designs

Terry Trophy & Awards offer hundreds of designs that can be added to most of our products. The cost for designs ranges from $15 – $60 per design.

Logos: company logos and custom logos

We can engrave your company or personal logo! There is a charge to turn your logo into a proper vector image for engraving. However, once we have your logo “on file” it can be engraved time and time again on any of our products. Please contact us today to discuss your logo needs.